Are You a Good Guy Who Wants to Become a Great Man?
Handle conflict with confidence & create more respect, more appreciation, more intimacy & a rich, fulfilling future

Be More Confident In Your Personal Relationships

At work, efficient effort plus expertise directly relates to the level of reward you receive. Passionate, sexual relationships are much more complex. They require a different set of skills which most men (me included) didn’t learn when growing up.

The counter intuitive truth is that the best way to understanding what women want from a man is through other men who have travelled your path before you.

My coaching program is an intense journey into your confidence and strength as a man, lover, father and leader.

Finally understand the essential masculine elements required to create a consistently loving, intimate relationship and a fulfilling vision for your future.

Tired of Being Rejected for Sex?

Are you ready to have the love, trust, affection, respect and desire that you’ve always wanted in your relationship?

Long term relationships don’t have to slowly decline and eventually become “just friends”.

Become Rejection Proof

More Trust

Trust is a natural unconscious response to good quality leadership.

More Respect

Respect is a natural unconscious response to solid self worth.

More Affection

Affection is a natural unconscious response to a generous lover.

More Confidence

Confidence is a natural RESULT from living inline with your values.


I spent 6 months with Dan as my coach. He was an amazing guide in helping me transform my life. His wisdom, curiosity and accountability were fundamental in changing everything in my life. Career, family, relationships have all improved as a result of my work with Dan.

– Dan Fritsch

I began working with Dan about 2 years ago during the most difficult season of my life. What started with the goal of “getting through” my challenges, quickly turned into what is now a life long pursuit of being the best man I can possibly be. With Dan’s guidance and helpful nudging, I not only survived my experience, but have grown immensely as a result of it. I will forever owe Dan more than he will ever know… Working with him was the best investment of my life.

– Brett Jones

One of the best, if not the best, investments I have ever made in myself. What better person to guide you through your personal growth than someone who has actually gone through it himself. This is really about changing YOU, it is not about changing others. Dan did a really good job of SNAPPING me out of my whiny, self loathing, trance. Becoming a better man, husband, father, and friend benefits everyone around you, and THAT is something to be proud of. Thanks Dan!!

– Tony Esposito

Dan was instrumental in helping me understand me. Dealing with outside voices and thoughts, the slight edge of doing the correct or incorrect of living adds up to positive or negative changes in the long haul of time. I learned to be happy with me first so I could share a relationship with the person I love.

– Steve Hays

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