Get The Affection Back In Your Marriage

Do you want to know how to get the affection back in your marriage? Do you feel unfulfilled and unloved and like you’re living with a roommate?

In this episode I give you a challenge that if you use it correctly will completely change the quality of the connection, intimacy and passion in your relationship.

In the video below I explain this in more detail including:

Why having a clear vision of what you want for your romantic life is crucial for creating the kind of relationship and future you desire.

How to understand who you need to be as a man and a leader of your marriage to create the affection and intimate connection that you really want.

Why being unapologetic about the kind of energy, passion, fun, laughter, and flirtation that you want to have in your relationship is so key to being able to create it.

Why the most important thing in this process is being absolutely committed to making choices in alignment with what you want for your life experience over the next 30 to 40 years.

Understand that you always have a choice in how you respond to your current situation, and instead of reacting as though someone is taking away your happy future, being able to respond with confidence that is founded and driven by what’s important for you and your belief in your ability to create it no matter what.

How even the most disconnected relationships can and do turn into the most passionate and connected ones when there is willingness and engagement with full commitment and effort.

Why a man with total focus on moving in the direction he has chosen with his own free will is actually intriguing, interesting, attractive, and magnetic to women.

I go into this in more detail in the video below. If you would like some 1-to-1 support on how to move forward with your current life situation, fill out my contact form and I’ll get in touch to arrange a free 60 minute coaching session with you.

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About the author

Hi, I'm Dan. I've been a men’s coach for over 10 years with Goodguys2Greatmen, mentoring and coaching men to get clear on what they want and creating practical and actionable plans to make it happen. I’ve experienced many of the same challenges you're going through right now. I’m here to challenge you and help you understand what's holding you back so that you can step into the confident, successful man you were meant to be.