How To Bring Fun And Laughter Back Into Your Marriage

Would you like more fun and laughter in your marriage again? Are you dealing with arguments, coldness, judgement and criticism? Does it feel like you try to make her happy but she only sees negatives all the time?

In this episode I discuss a key component of being able to create more of the moments you enjoy with your wife and less of the disconnection that’s been happening lately.

In the video below I explain this in more detail including:

Why being able to just enjoy the moment with your wife is key to leading her back to a more fun, easy, passionate and connected relationship.

How your ability to be relaxed and playful without needing to control her reaction is essential for her to relax and join you in a more fun and relaxed marriage again.

Why being playful is a moment by moment activity of choosing to have a fun life and be a man who’s predominant energy, outlook and emotions are calm, deliberate, pleased and positive. No-one else is going to lead the

, you can’t be playful and not be in the moment.

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Being in a playful place is not a bad place to be, even if the other person doesn’t want to play.

Playful energy is key to bringing fun and laughter back into your marriage, but it requires being in the moment and not comparing to the past or worrying about making mistakes.

I go into this in more detail in the video below. If you would like some 1-to-1 support on how to move forward with your current life situation, fill out my contact form and I’ll get in touch to arrange a free 60 minute coaching session with you.

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