Living In A Sexless Marriage What Can You Do?

If you’re living in a sexless marriage you may want to know what you can do to change the direction you’re headed in and start to reignite the spark that you had between you before.

In this episode I talk about the common issue that affects every area of our lives but is almost guaranteed to be involved in some way or another when you find yourself in a low sex or no sex marriage or sexless relationship.

In the video below I explain this in more detail including:

Why you have the power and ability to reignite the passion and connection in your sexless marriage through taking responsibility for your own happiness and making positive changes in yourself first which will affect your relationship.

How our lack of motivation and enthusiasm can seep into all aspects of life, affecting the intimacy in your relationship, and why it’s important to notice when and where in your life this happens and address it.

Why knowing that you always have a choice in how to face up to your current circumstances is so important and what stops us from taking action and making positive changes in our life and relationship, despite past excuses and justifications.

I give an example of a client I have been working with who changed the energy and connection in his sexless marriage by changing his own energy and connection with himself which lead to a totally different dynamic with his wife.

Why it’s incredibly important to cultivate belief in yourself so that you can take action and make the necessary decisions to show strength, confidence and leadership in your relationship to spark the passion and connection you want.

How to create passion through building momentum by being willing to take risks and make changes towards the vision of the future you really want.

Why it’s essential to stop being afraid and to take the risk to express your desires and start moving in the direction of the future life you want but not without doing the necessary inner work to build your self confidence first.

Why it’s important to choose to move forward in all areas of your life with passion and conviction, regardless of other people’s opinions

Why it requires that you start to take responsibility for your own happiness and make a decision about what you WILL have in your future so that you can start making changes to turn around your sexless marriage.

I go into this in more detail in the video below. If you would like some 1-to-1 support on how to move forward with your current life situation, fill out my contact form and I’ll get in touch to arrange a free 60 minute coaching session with you.

About the author

Hi, I'm Dan. I've been a men’s coach for over 10 years with Goodguys2Greatmen, mentoring and coaching men to get clear on what they want and creating practical and actionable plans to make it happen. I’ve experienced many of the same challenges you're going through right now. I’m here to challenge you and help you understand what's holding you back so that you can step into the confident, successful man you were meant to be.